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Shelby Raelle Hutchison - Born June 29, 1991 in Wayne, Nebraska. babyshelby1.jpg (10988 bytes)When she was little, her hair stood straight up in the air until it was long enough and heavy enough to lay down. Her first hair cut was at Grandma Jan's when she was 6 months old (at Christmas time). haircut.jpg (23403 bytes)She had very big, round, blue eyes which everyone noticed and commented about when they first met her.bigeyes.jpg (12734 bytes)  One of our most memorable moments with Shelby as a baby was the Johnny Jump Up Incident. When she was six months old, Grandma Jan bought her a Johnny Jump Up. She loved it! jumpin.jpg (20307 bytes)She was going crazy on that thing one day and had my mom and me laughing so hard that we had stomach aches. Her eyes were opened really big, she was huffing and puffing, and every time she jumped up, her legs would kick really fast until her feet hit the ground again. You had to be there, it was hilarious.


kidsschool.jpg (12553 bytes)Shelby is in now in 4th grade, her teacher is Mrs. Barber.  korrashelby.jpg (42001 bytes)Her cousin Korra is someone she loves to play with, she wishes we were closer. Her brother is also a very good pal and they are quite a pair. kidsxmas.jpg (16173 bytes) Shelby loves music, dancing, getting dressed up, riding bike, playing with Layla (Golden Retriever). She likes to write, read, draw, paint, and is a good helper around the house. She likes playing "Frogger" and is reading Harry Potter

She would love for you to send her an e-mail. I'm sure she will answer it right away.

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